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No Limit:

Act now by enrolling in our trainings and programs. You can become a part of an integrated training academy where OIC promises to move you closer to being job ready.  

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Enjoy Community:

OIC classes are spread across both Edgecombe and Nash counties. Learn with family, friends, and peers.

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Employer Engagement:

OIC connect students to industries, businesses and new opportunities.

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We Are OIC Integrated Training Academy:

Education is the key to growing the local economy and OIC is dedicated to being the leader in building career pathways.

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Student Cohort:

OIC welcomes traditional, non-traditional, and previously incarcerated individuals.

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Career Readiness

Becoming a success takes work. We work with you to help you succeed in your career goals.

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Science | Technology | Engineering | Mathematics (STEM)

OIC offers a wide selection of training services and educational that lead to industry certifications and STEM careers. Students will experience in-depth classroom sessions combined with real world application. Join us for career pathway training in health occupation, highway construction/carpentry trade, advanced manufacturing and public service careers.


Health Occupations ↓

o Nursing Assistant Program
          - Possible Careers: Nursing Assistant, Radiology Technician, Personal Home Care

o PA, FNP, Billing and Coding, Quality Improvement, Community Health Worker, etc.

→ Personal Home Care Aide State Training (PHCAST) / Nurse Assistant Training (NAT1) Form

Advanced Manufacturing ↓

o Construction Trades | Career Readiness Certificate | Orientation to Employment

o Possible Careers: Production, Manufacturing, Process Design/Development, Maintenance, Installation and Repair, Supply Chain, Logistics, Health Safety, etc.

→ Orientation to Employment (CRC) Application

→ Advanced Manufacturing Class Applicant

Transportation & Construction ↓

o Construction Trades | Career Readiness Certificate | Orientation to Employment

o Possible Careers: Heavy Equipment Operator, Production Operator, Process Technician, Forklift Operator, Brick Mason, Flagger, Workplace, Safety, HVAC, etc.

→ Orientation to Employment (CRC) Application

→ Highway Construction Trade Academy Applicant

Career Readiness Certificate ↓

o Alternative Education Program | Career Readiness Certificate

→ Orientation to Employment (CRC) Application

→ High School Equivalency Application

The SOARS program ↓

o The SOARS program ( Services Opportunities for Achievement and Responsibilities ) equips justice-system involved individuals ages 18-24 with academic and vocational skills by providing access to opportunities that help accomplish personal achievement and responsibility. It helps by setting goals and creating paths to a brighter future.

→ OIC SOAR Young Adult Program Eligibility Screening & Referral Form