Nathan Long

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Nathan Long


Pharmacist/Pharmacy Director




Nathan received his Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy in 2009 and is a 340b Apexus Certified Expert. He has practiced in multiple pharmacy settings including independent retail, chain retail, and other Federally Qualified Health Centers. As OIC's Pharmacy Director, Nathan strives to assist each and every patient to improve and maintain their health through providing affordable medication, counseling on medication use and side effects, answering patient questions regarding medication, and ensuring every patient receives excellent customer service. He also contributes to the OIC Family Medical Center's patient care activities by performing patient chart reviews and consulting with the provider team to assure that patients receive the most cost-effective and appropriate therapy for their medical conditions.  

Nathan T. Long, PharmD, 340B ACE

Pharmacist in Charge/Pharmacy Director

OIC Pharmacy

OIC FMC at Happy Hill

300 N Grace St, Ste 150

Rocky Mount, NC 27804