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Success Starts Here

by OIC News on 09/01/16





Success Starts Here

While living in Williamsburg Virginia, Devonte Dickens found himself struggling, facing failure after failure. Through defiance and procrastination, it seemed like he could never get things back on track. That’s when he received a call from his father, Mr. Eric Dickens, a Rocky Mount native. Eric had known about the OIC and its High School Equivalency program having witnessed several relatives graduate from the program. Though unsure and apprehensive, Devonte made the choice in February to take a leap of faith and move to Rocky Mount. After speaking with Gregory Royal, OIC’s Education Services Job Developer and Recruiter, Devonte enrolled in OIC’s High School Equivalency program. “Devonte was pretty defiant in Virginia, but when he got here, I told him that he needed to get his GED or his diploma,” said Eric Dickens.


Five months later, Eric has accomplished his goal. He now has a solid job and has completed his GED requirements. When asked about his 3-year plan, Devonte responded that college is definitely on his radar. Smiling ear to ear, he confidently proclaimed that he is eager to keep the ball rolling. Indicative of a proud father, Mr. Dickens occasionally glanced over at Devonte in astonishment, clearly a validation that his son is maturing and embarking on what appears to be a future of great promise. “When Devonte graduated, I told him that I was very proud of him and that’s when he hit me with something that brought tears to my eyes. He told me that he loved me.”


And it doesn’t stop there. Devonte is already paying it forward. Classmates recognizing his rapid matriculation through the program frequently ask him for advice and he proudly offers his time and insight. “They ask me about job placement and I tell them that they have to get serious about their success. You have to show them that you really want it and that you are able to adapt to change.” Devonte’s story is a ratification of the importance the community has in empowering its residents. OIC’s slogan is Helping People Help Themselves, but the key factor is the establishment of valuable and genuine relationships. Both Devonte and his father spoke highly about OIC’s education department and the unwavering commitment of the staff and faculty.


If you or anyone within your care and consideration needs educational and/or career assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our recruitment team at 252.212.3478. OIC would 

For Immediate Release

by OIC News on 08/31/16

For Immediate Release                                                                                                         August 30, 2016

For more information, call Aramith Trimiar

(252) 567-8390


Saturday August 27th, 2016, Rocky Mount, NC - Opportunities Industrialization Center’s Family Medical Centers (OIC) hosted their second annual Back to School Kickoff Sponsored by PharmBlue. With more than 300 families in attendance, 600 back packs and plenty of school supplies being given away, this event was validation of OIC’s slogan, Helping People Help Themselves. “With the new school year approaching, remember to study hard. But with studying, also remember that you have to be healthy,” said Bridgett Luckey, OIC Family Medical Center Deputy Director.


With several vendors and partners in attendance including John Battle Arts, AHEC, UNC Nash, Down East Partnership for Children, Pride of Rocky Mount #845, NAACP, East Coast Migrants and Vidant Edgecombe, attendees were provided with plenty of school supplies and informational material. The children and families in attendance enjoyed a number of activities including games, facepainting, dancing as well as received personal tours of OIC’s dental center.


This event comes at the commencement of OIC’s new partnership with PharmBlue, an onsite pharmacy that recently opened it’s doors this past week. OIC is continuing to expand its impact on the community by offering quality primary care, dental and behavioral health services.  “Not only are we here to take care of your health, but OIC is here to take care of our community,” said Dr. Tisa Roberts, OIC Family Medical Center’s Medical Director.

OIC Family Medical Centers’ mission is "Helping People Help Themselves." As a Federally Qualified Community Health Center, OIC provides comprehensive services to those with private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, the uninsured, veterans and the homeless.  For more information on accessing patient services or free screenings go to http://www.oicone.org or call (252) 446-3333. 

Pastor Brings New Life After Death With Fresh Food

by OIC News on 08/18/16

Many believe that after death, a new life begins. That is particularly true about a pastor who after burying many of his church members, decided to bring a fresh idea to light to help them and the community he serves.

Just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, there’s a little town of Conetoe — population 300 and predominately African American. The town is surrounded by farmland, but the nearest grocery store is 10 miles away, making it one of the country’s many “food deserts,” where fresh, nutritious food is not readily available.

That’s where Rev. Richard Joyner, a local pastor, stepped in and stepped up.

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So Joyner started a community garden and enlisted local children to help him care for it. Today, his nonprofit, the Conetoe Family Life Center, manages more than 20 plots of land, including one 25-acre site.

“Diabetes, high blood pressure — when we first got started, we counted 30 funerals in one year,” Joyner said. “I couldn’t ignore it because I was spending more time in funerals than anything else.” This community garden directly impacts both the food desert issue and the death of his members.

More than 80 young people help Joyner plan, plant and harvest nearly 50,000 pounds of fresh food a year. Much of this produce is given away to local residents. But the students also sell the food — including their own brand of honey — to businesses and restaurants, raising money for school supplies and scholarships.

CNN talked with Joyner about his work and the impact it’s had on his life and he’s even nominated as a 2015 CNN Hero. It’s hard to believe that something so great started with death.

“I was literally exhausted from the funerals, and I was asking God, ‘What are we going to do?’ And I really heard a voice saying, ‘Look around you.’ I looked around and there was nothing but land.”

But there was a little pause from Joyner where he wasn’t really sure this was the calling that God gave him because of one minor glitch: Joyner didn’t like farming.

“Now, I didn’t like farming, and I almost paused and said, ‘Is there anybody else up there I can talk to?’ But it was almost like my eyes opened up, and so that’s what we started doing.”

“I didn’t have a good experience with the soil growing up. My family, we were sharecroppers. We grew up eating…

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